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What does this tour has to offer?

We propose a new and different way to get to know the city, with this fantastic Private Segway Tour, the most exclusive option for those who want a personal treat. So discover the city at your own pace and without any attachment, just you with our guides, and the road.

One of the most demanded tours is through the “Madrid of the Austrias”, a route that goes to one of the oldest neighborhoods of Madrid, the Royal Palace, and the Cathedral of Almudena, all of this on a Segway.
We also count with the route that goes through the Cervantes’s house and the triangle of art (the biggest museums in Madrid, including the Prado Museum), this is a perfect route for the art lovers.
All tours are made for the tourists needs, and they can be personalized with your guided before you depart.


There are a lot of different options for you ready to be enjoyed.


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 © ECONATOURALWAY SLNE. All rights reserved.